Tips For Selling In Spring

Tips For Selling In Spring

Spring months can be the liveliest time to put your home on the market. To ensure a swift sale, implement the following tips to prep your home this spring.

Curb Appeal

The average buyer will know within seconds of seeing a home whether or not they want to consider buying it. Walk the property and see what needs sprucing up. Trim the trees & bushes, pressure wash the house & driveway, and maybe even plant some flowers. If the outside is as beautiful as the inside, chances are, it will receive interest pretty quickly.


We all have projects around the house, and sometimes never get to them. If you know ahead of time that there are issues the home inspector will find, then you should consider fixing it. If you haven’t maintained your home at all, you may want to go ahead and hire your own home inspector before it even goes on the market. Try to take on as many repairs as possible before selling, to ensure a smooth home inspection.

Open Up 

Find the positives in your home and accentuate them. Springtime is filled with fresh air, so one way to showcase your home is with open windows. Allow the sun to shine in while decorating the countertops with fresh flowers like peonies or gardenias. Buyers will instantly feel the freshness of the great outdoors with one step through the door.


Whether you have wood floors, tile, or linoleum, make sure they shine. Buyers love to comment on the floors, so make sure yours dazzle. It may take some time, so be sure that grout is cleaned, carpets vacuumed, and wood floors sparkle. You would be surprised at the impact clean floors will have on potential buyers.

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