7 Helpful Tips For Relocating Military Families

7 Helpful Tips For Relocating Military Families

When military families get their PCS orders, they may be given plenty of time to prepare or only a few weeks. Regardless of the situation here are a few key tips to helping make your family’s military move a success!

1) Plan. Plan. Plan.

While it is true things can change with your PCS orders, generally speaking, you will want to get your preparation underway as soon as you are given your PCS orders. Determine the day you want your things picked up and the day you want them delivered. Try to get those dates nailed down and then reserve if using a moving company.

If moving in the summer, it is peak moving season which means it may be harder to get professional moving services on the date you want. The earlier you can book, the better.

Another important component of military relocation is the search for your new home. Find an experienced realtor who can help you seek out the best home for your family in your budget.

2) Lighten Your Load

When moving in the military you are given an authorized weight limit of things your family can move that will be paid for by the military. If your items weigh over that amount, you will be responsible for footing the bill on the extra weight limit.

Take a day and go through your home. Throw away or donate items that haven’t been used in a long time, are outgrown, aren’t in working condition, or that you just don’t want to have to move again.

3) Prepare The Children

Military families with school-age children will want to begin researching the schools and daycares in the area as soon as possible. You will also need to know the schools’ registration procedures, extracurricular activities they can get involved with, and so forth.

Look into fun things in the area that your children can look forward to. If your PCS orders take you to the New London Submarine Base and the Groton area, you’re in luck! We have some wonderful attractions for the family!

Moving can be a stressful time for children and getting their lives prepared for a new home is a great way to create a sense of stability for them.

4) Get Packing

As mentioned above, preparation is key to a successful move. Begin packing early to minimize stress. Things you don’t use regularly such as seasonal clothing and decor can be packed ahead of time.

Do a little each day saving the most used items for the last few weeks. If you will be using a professional packing service they can do this for you but it doesn’t hurt to get the items organized and ready for them to pack correctly.

5) First Day Essentials

Pack all the items you will need right away in one box and label it appropriately. If possible move that box yourself in your vehicle. Some people call this an “Open First” or “First Day” box. Toiletries, coffee, general snacks, paper plates, utensils, basic tools, and cleaning supplies are all examples of things you may need right away when you move into your new home.

6) Organize Important Documents

With moving there will be a lot of paperwork; PCS Orders, birth certificates, social security numbers, important phone numbers, your moving timeline, and things like this are important to have organized and in one location. Put these items in a binder or file folder so they are easily accessible and keep them in a safe location.

Any receipts from things bought during your moving process whether it be packing materials or gas for the journey should be saved. You will receive an allowance from your move and your costs will be subtracted from this amount. Any remainder allowance left will then be taxed so it's best to deduct any expense related to your move that you can.

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